The Key to Successful Leadership? Working with Others.


The link between the essential skill of working with others and the transition to leadership is the key to successful work teams. As a leader, working effectively with others and setting an example is extremely important. Employees need to feel that they have a relationship with their leader, one that is reliable, honest and authentic in order to be successful (Llopis, 2014).

The purpose of leadership is to provide employees with a workplace where they feel safe and which allows them to thrive by providing access to the correct tools and resources. In order to be a successful leader, there are 7 key elements that employees expect from their leaders (Llopis, 2014). They are:

  1. Specificity – employees want leaders who are direct and specific in their communications. Strong leaders ensure that they are direct in their communications, and have strong attention to detail.
  2. Empowerment – Employees want to feel empowered to make choices and decision for themselves, and to learn from their failures. Leaders should be there to provide mentorship and guidance to solve problems and allow employees to develop independence.
  3. Vulnerability – Leaders do no need to know everything and their employees don’t expect them to. What employees want is someone who is open and honest about their shortcomings and displays compassion and understanding.
  4. Honesty – Employees expect that their leaders are always open and up front with them. Leaders need to transparent and trustworthy in order to avoid creating unnecessary disruptions and divisions in the workplace.
  5. Accountability – Leaders need to be accountable both for themselves and for those that they delegate work too. Leaders should be willing to put their reputation on the line to protect those whom they lead and in return employees will want to do the same for their leader.
  6. Respect – A successful leader needs to know the different between respect and recognition. Employees want respected leaders who value their contributions, stick to plans, and take appropriate risks when necessary.
  7. Authenticity – Successful leaders avoid playing games and instead show their true authentic selves to their employees. This authenticity breeds productivity in employees and a positive work environment.

Workplace Education Manitoba is pleased to offer a Transition to Leadership 40-hour Certificate Program from January 12, 2017 to March 16, 2017 (every Thursday from 9-12pm).  If you are interested in attending this 100% funded program, please call 204-272-5044 to register, or go to for more information.

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